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How to Turn Clutter into a Peaceful Space

I have been doing it slowly but surely... decluttering my flat. Believe me, it is liberating. My kitchen, like many British flats, is very small; however, it looks much bigger now that I have cleared the shelves and the counters! Instead of vitamin jars and piles of boxes of teas, I now have a few beautiful and meaningful objects strategically placed to give it a Zen look. Metaphorically it feels like a shedding process. In the world of nature when the snake sheds its skin, it devotes all of its time and energy to getting rid of the old to make room for the new. For me, getting rid of clutter gives me room for a new look and a new feeling of external and internal space, and I feel lighter. There is more space to live in and work in—more space in my head because that minimalist look makes my brain feel less cluttered.

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