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When a Child is Born a Grandparent is Born Too

by Dr Angel Adams and Dr Patricia Papciak

Newborn baby © Dawn Wickhorst Chachula

A new baby is like the beginning of all things—wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.

-Eda J LeShan

Recently I became a grandmother and was surprised as my friends complimented me on my beaming smile and aura of radiance. At first I was dumbfounded by this new state of being; having never really relished the thought of becoming a grandmother. It used to conjure up images of being old, and the premise that old age is not valued or respected in our western society. This appears to be true especially for women who try to hide their age, are ashamed of their wrinkles and loathe the thought of being called ‘Granny’. I sought out others who have had this identity of grandparent bestowed upon them and there was a common theme that filled our conversations… Read more

“Walk the Walk”: How Walking Together can Create Memories that Last a Lifetime

How long has it been since you and your children took a walk outdoors, with no destiny in mind, for no specific reason, with no bikes, no scooters or footballs to accompany you, just simply with the goal to enjoy your time together while admiring the world of nature? You may be surprised by the countless splendours you can encounter together when you become mindful of all that is around you. Today I walked by a gigantic tree with shimmering green leaves that sounded like an orchestra of wind instruments, that of course the wind was having a magnificent time playing.

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