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How to Create More Happiness and Less Stress

by Dr Angel Adams, Dr Patricia Papciak

“Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt –

Image: A robin perched on a girl's hand


What is Happiness? It is defined as: the ultimate universal human desire to be in a state of well being characterised by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. What makes you happy? Does being with family members make you feel happy? Does walking in the countryside, holding a newborn baby in your arms, reading a good book or interacting with animals or birds bring you joy? And how can you make fleeting moments of happiness more enduring? What can you do to really understand and maintain a path to long lasting internal well being? What can you do to create a way of living right now where you wake up in the morning and you experience a joie de vivre and a love for humanity and a commitment to this beautiful planet we live in? Read more