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Why Family Rituals are Important

by Dr Angel Adams, Dr Patricia Papciak

“Bless our hearts
to hear in the
breaking of bread
the song of the universe.
Prayers across cultures”

-Father John Giuliani

The concept of grace is different for different people. For some the idea of beauty is what comes first to mind, while for others the image of movement is what they begin to imagine. Some might hear the song Amazing Grace in their head, a well-known 18th century hymn by John Newton or others may think of the child’s book they read called All About Grace. For yet others the idea of the prayer we say before eating might be the meaning of grace. We would like to focus on this concept because it is associated with the importance of family rituals. Why are family rituals important? A family tradition or ritual is something experienced together with regularity and provides each member with a sense of belonging to the family unit. Just think how much quality time you really spend with your child, and how much of that time is spent disciplining, arguing, and in power struggles. It’s a sobering thought! Read more