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Making the Decision to Change: Once and For All

Today I am feeling absolutely inspired. This past weekend I attended a workshop by Dr Joe Dispenza, (Neuroscientist, researcher, and teacher) in which the goal was to learn how to change your biology, beliefs, perceptions and energy in a positive way. There was a focus on how to be willing to make the decision to change, especially when we have been stuck in the same familiar patterns for months, years or even decades.

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The Courage To Rise; The Courage To Live

by Dr Angel Adams, Dr Patricia Papciak

“When you pray for courage, do you think God gives you courage, or the chance to be courageous?”

– From the film “Evan Almighty”

For some people it takes a lot of courage to get up in the morning. It takes courage to try and just survive through another day. I am sure you can think of many people and circumstances in your mind’s eye right now that fit that image — from a neighbour down the street to someone on the other side of the world. It’s almost impossible to fathom where that person can find such enormous amounts of courage. Read more