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Never Hurry Through the World

With the arriving of the winter weather this week, I was ever so conscious that the delicious deciduous trees will soon become barren. Just last month when walking through Richmond Park, I saw the green leaves of the Sugar Maples transforming into vivid orange coloured foliage and the Field Maple leaves giving way to subtle yellow. This tree is said to be associated with the heart and love and can bring contentment to those who are burdened by responsibility.

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The Benefits of Facing our Fears with Compassion

Shine the light of compassion on all that frightens you to find healing and freedom. -Tara Brach Copyright 2010 George Buchanan In our article last week we discussed how neuroscience has shown us that we are actually rigged to experience … Continue reading

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How to Train Your Brain to Take the Edge Off Anxiety

by Dr Angel Adams and Dr Patricia Papciak © George Papciak The days are shortening and the holidays will soon be here. Like the gutted pumpkins that we carve for Halloween, our facial expressions are also often carved with fear, … Continue reading

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